Thursday, January 8, 2015

I Love Books Tag

I decided to create this tag to get to know my followers a little bit more.
If you have a blog you can go ahead and play by making a post answering this questions, just make sure you leave your link so that we can all check it out. And go ahead and tag someone so that they can answer this questions. And if you don't have a blog you can still join the fun by leaving your answers on a comment! So have fun:)

If the zombie apocalypse started the first book I would grab would be?...This is a hard one but I would go with The Book Thief. 
Lost you at the library, but you would probably find me (which section?)...On the teen paranormal romance haha
Obviously you don't know anything about books! You need to read ASAP...Snow Like Ashes! Oh my god I fell in love with that book!
Valentine's day I'm spending it with (which book character?)...Morpheus from Splintered, he is yummy! (or at least he is in my head haha)
Even bookworms stop reading long enough to notice that....It's 12:36 am and I need to wake up tomorrow early for a mandatory meeting at work.
Bottom of my bookshelf all lonely and covered in dust is (book you hate, or have yet to read)....Throne of Glass, I still can't bring myself to read it, and I don't know why. 
On a rainy day I like to read....The Fault In Our Stars:')
Oh My Gosh! Someone is trying to rob a person so you hit him with (which is the biggest book you own or have read?)...Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
K-I-S-S-I-N-G! who is sitting in that tree next to you?...Adrian Ivashkov!!!;)
Sweet boys(girls) or Bad Boys(girls)?...Bad Boys all the way hahaha!


  1. This is so fun. I'm posting this next week!

  2. Love this! I'll probably post it tomorrow!

  3. here's mine!

  4. This is mine: Love this book tag :)

  5. this is a good idea! I'll post it tomorrow :)

  6. Will definitely have to come back and do this tag!
    I'm like in between with Morpheus. He's kind of manipulative.

    1. Have you read the second book? And I know he is manipulative but he always ends up doing something endearing.

    2. No, not yet. I'm considering it though just because everyone is loving the series even more as it goes along. That's true.
      Here's my tag post:

  7. I loved the idea behind this post. I made my own as well :)

  8. Love this meme! I would probably grab To Kill a Mockingbird if an apocalypse happened. Or my Kindle and I would just read as many books as possible until my battery died. Ha